Esto Trade Company offers dairy products which are produced and packed with the latest technology in an indoor space of 8.250m² establised on an area of 12.500m². All production, packaging and dispatching phases are being held in accordance with the EU standarts. The facility is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Halal certifications. The plant has a capacity of processing 250 tons of milk per day. The facility supplies the milk from different local sources and the experienced team checks every details of the product to reveal the best and healthy dairy outputs as the quality of the milk is the absolute essence of dairy production. The dairy products are being tested regularly to meet requirements of certificates that are handled. 

With this point of view, the company works harder to improve the products and to serve a larger product range and bigger production volume in order to increase the number of the international sales volume.

•    Kashkaval Cheese

-    250gr,
-    500gr,
-    700gr,
-    1000gr & 2000gr Block Kashkaval Cheese,

•    Sliced Cheese

-    75gr,
-    225gr,
-    1000gr Sliced Toast Cheese,

•    Feta Cheese

-    500gr,
-    1000gr,
-    10kg & 17kg & 18kg for HORECA and Food Services,

•    Cheddar Cheese

-    225gr Sliced Cheddar Cheese,

•    Mozzarella Cheese

-    2000gr Grated Mozzarella Cheese,

•    Processed Cream Cheese

-    100gr,
-    160gr,
-    300gr Processed Cream Cheese