Breakfast Cereals

EsTo Trade Co., provides a wide scale of breakfast cereals including several forms for conventional food sector. The company offers breakfast cereals both in its own brand and private-label packaging for retailers and wholesalers also. The tastes of the products which EsTo Trade Co., supplies are listed however the company is accessible of developing the final outputs together with the client’s requirements. 

• Flakes

EsTo Trade Co. cornflakes are being produced traditionally through a cooking process. The cornflakes are rolled, roasted and packed, optionally also coated. The most popular variations are; plain, chocolate and honey cornflakes however the very versatile cornflakes and gluten free breakfast cereals can be produced according to a range of customized recipes and sizes upon customer’s needs. 

 Puffed and Extruded Grains

EsTo Trade Co., sources delightful breakfast cereals in all tastes, shapes and sizes. Most demanded items are choco balls, choco rice, choco corn, choco shells, honey balls, honey rings, fruit rings however, same as cornflakes, these cereals can also be customized according to the client’s requests.